male infertillity

‘Male Infertility Men Talking’ is the book I wrote in 1993 about the subject. This picture says it all – men are shut out of infertility investigations. Many years on it seems the subject may at last be starting to be taken seriously and to emerge from the shadows  – see the comedian Rhod Gilbert’s  exploration of the subject for himself and other men. So good.

Having a baby is women’s business? Actually it’s men’s too. It takes two to make a baby. But  when it comes to finding out why couples are experiencing fertility problems  the man is still not often properly investigated e.g. having a physical examination, having an array of  hormonal and other blood tests to assess his fertililty . The focus is on the woman’s fertility and the man is effectively ignored  – and the woman may have invasive treatments to overcome what may possibly be due to male fertility problems – the result can be  continuing couple infertility.

‘Andrology – and Male Infertility – Out of the Shadows’ 1.7.2020  by Frieda Klotz shines a light into why men have been excluded from the infertility process and as as consequence have suffered so much.