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Mary-Claire Mason


3 February 2021 the Pandemic is still raging and the stress is getting worse for many of us, how long will this go on? Jon Kabat-Zinn’s  discussion about how to deal with it for Action for Happiness is here and is essential viewing  see

July 2020 Andrology and Male Infertility  – Brilliant piece on male infertility  my book ‘Male Infertility Men Talking’ is flagged up in it.  See my latest blog Male Infertility

APRIL 2020 COVID 19 PANDEMIC we’re in the  fourth week of lockdown and trauma is affecting us all. Pandemonium reigns about the extent of the Pandemic of this infectious disease. Lockdown supposed to slow the rate of spread is proving hugely stressful as we all have to stay indoors most of the time, social distance when we’re out and about and self-isolate when we’re ill.  Mindfulness  – paying attention on purpose to the here and now helps to steady me. Thank you Jon Kabat- Zinn for introducing mindfulness to us.

2019 I wanted to flag up   ‘Understanding the Nature of Trauma’, an illuminating seminar run by the Guild of Health Writers 13th May 2019

Social Prescribing is taking off and one in 4 GPs regularly use it according to a GPonline article 17 July 2018 reporting on its survey results into the subject. Instead of  prescribing pills healthcare professionals can prescribe activities like gardening (see my blog) and a host of other activites to improve health and wellbeing. Visit the Social  Prescribing Network to find out more

2017 Psychological trauma isn’t  rare, please read my blog on the subject.

WELCOME! How to stay well, cope with health problems and face the inevitable uncertainties of ageing concerns me as it does most people. I’ve been fortunate enough to write about some of these issues over the past 20 years contributing articles that I hope have been illuminating – a recent feature was shortlisted for the 2016 Guild of Health Writers Awards, see the journalism section. And there are so many more therapies/treatments on offer now which is heartening – prescribing gardening treatment is something I’ve just written about see my blog – then there is neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and so many other tools which may be helpful in our increasingly complex and challenging world. And questions to ask about overdiagnosis, placebo – the intertwining of the body and mind and so much more.

I try to keep sane by practising Mindfulness each day, and dance (all sorts) which I love. Trees are a special passion. I’m a tree warden and very interested in the health and environmental services that trees provide for us and the need to price them in a way that recognises the benefits they provide.

Back to the past my early health pieces appeared initially in newspapers like the Guardian, Telegraph, Independent also New Statesman, see the journalism/testimonial section, but for the past 15 years or so I’ve mainly written for the health pages of women’s magazines, providing news, features and interviews. My aim has been wherever possible to research the subject thoroughly by speaking to a range of experts, interviewing people affected by the condition and consulting various sources so that readers get a rounded view. For the last few years I’ve also contributed features to Nursing Standard, e.g. ‘Consultant Role Bridges the Gap’ about people living with cancer and dementia, 26 August 2015, see my blog on the subject ‘Dementia – suffering in silence with pain’. Memberships include the Guild of Health Writers, Medical Journalists’ Association and NUJ.

See the books section to find out more about the subjects I’ve covered in greater depth.

I have a BA (hons) degree in social sciences and an MA in Public and Social Administration specialising in the voluntary sector.