My intention has been to write books about subjects that I felt needed to be highlighted.

’Male Infertility – Men Talking’ (Routledge), my first book was published in 1993. A series of interviews with 22 self-selected men who had fertility problems and wanted to talk about their experiences, at a time when infertility and especially male infertility was a taboo subject. Some men suffered greatly in silence – they felt marginalised and sidelined in the infertility investigations and guilty that their partner was being treated rather than themselves. This is a book not only about the lack of understanding of  male infertility but very much about the emotional experience for men.

‘Coping with Fibroids’, was my second book, 1998, Sheldon press. The idea for it came after I’d been commissioned to write a magazine feature on fibroids. I realised that though many women had troublesome fibroids there was little information on the subject.

’Rheumatoid Arthritis, Your Medication explained’ was co-written with rheumatologist Elaine Smith, 2001, Sheldon Press. We were commissioned to write this book to help people understand more about the complex array of drugs on offer for this condition so they could get the best treatment.

’Sexually Transmitted Infections’ was published in 2002 by Sheldon Press. My aim was to write an all you need to know guide about the infections, in effect a handy reference book.

’Coping Successfully with Period Problems’ appeared in 2005, Sheldon Press, As a woman I felt passionate about this book which aims to help women understand more about their monthly cycles, how to stay well and deal with any problems they may experience. The book was shortlisted in 2006 for the Medical Journalists’ Association’s open book award.

The charity Womens’s Health (now defunct) commissioned me in 2004 to update their booklet on HRT and its risks and benefits. I was delighted to be asked to do this as the subject is close to my heart because it is such an important issue for women.